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You want to know what I want?

I want someone to talk to. That’s all. Nothing to crazy. I want someone that I can text all day not be worried I’m bothering them. I want someone I will never have a boring conversation with. I want someone I can say, “Man, have we had some adventures, huh?” to. I want someone I can call at 1 o’clock in the morning because I woke up crying. I want to be able to walk up to someone and tell them I’m going through some things, that I’m having some problems that I need their help on. I want to be able to walk up to someone and not have to be the perfect, well put together person that almost everyone thinks I am. I want to have someone who I’m not afraid to be broken around. 

I want someone who will be around to fix me. Because you know what? I’m broken and I don’t think I can fix myself anymore.