Hello everyone. My name is Valerie, and I have a problem.

I don’t even know how it started. One day I was fine, and the next day I wasn’t. I thought what I was doing was normal, and it isn’t. I shouldn’t be this dependent on something, right? I shouldn’t spend hours of my day waiting for that next hit, anticipating the feeling of the next buzz just to hit rock bottom right after, then wanting more.

I don’t even know why I do it. I guess… I just do. Maybe… I think it’s the feeling I get when I do it. It’s feeling okay, feeling like I belong, like I’m a part of something. I know there are people out there doing the exact same thing I’m doing, so it must be okay. It’s a normal thing to do this. It has to be. Right?

I haven’t thought of my addiction as a problem. It’s always been just fun. You know, spend a couple hours doing it, then move on with my day. But lately, it’s been a real problem. Instead of just spending an hour or two, I’ve been spending five maybe six hours doing it. I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities, saying no to family and friend outings, isolating myself in order to fuel my addiction. 

And you know what? I need to stop.

I need to stop investing myself on these things, stop isolating myself, I need to stop watching TV shows

Maybe not necessarily watching them, but just stop devoting my heart to them. I always do this to myself! I always start watching a show thinking it’ll be something to pass time, and I always end up getting attached. I get attached to the characters, the plot, the setting, everything. And usually, I would say that’s fine. I watch a few comedy shows, get a little attached and laugh with the characters. It’s the drama that always gets me! I always get caught in the drama, the heartbreaks, the love, the loss, the rollercoaster of emotions the show always puts me through. 

It starts with me watching a TV show, for example, a show on Netflix. At first, its just an episode or two every few days. Then it becomes an episode a day, maybe two. Eventually I watch a whole season in a span of two days. And it sucks! The reason they usually only have shows once a week is so you can recover from each episode, but when you binge on everything all at once, you don’t have time to recover. It’s as if you can’t breathe!

I invest my heart into certain shows. I feel for the characters. I fall in love with these characters, and when anything bad happens to them, I feel it, and it hits me right here *points to my heart*. All these different shows, these different relationships and troubles that I have to go through without really having to go through has taken a toll on my heart. My heart grows weaker with every episode I watch, and I don’t think my heart can handle becoming any weaker.

Hello everyone. My name is Valerie and I am addicted to TV shows. 


*Dear readers,

Please do not take this post too seriously. This was in no way meant to diminish the seriousness of real addictions. This was just to (in a slightly comedic way hopefully) vent my frustrations with certain TV shows I am currently watching and binging on.

Sorry if I offended anyone in calling my relationship with TV shows an addiction.*