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I have very straight hair. When I younger, it had a single wave somewhere, but now it is all straight. My hair and I have a very easy going relationship. I love my hair. It’s easy to handle. It doesn’t get into crazy knots, and when it does I can easily untangle them. Sometimes, I don’t even have to comb my hair because it just handles itself.

The only thing is it’s boring. It’s tame, not exciting, and calm. It is nothing like me, and I don’t want that.

I’ve always wanted curly hair though. To me, it’s so different and exciting! You just have these wild locks of hair going everywhere! It’s a lot more fun than straight hair. It’s definitely not tame, which means it will be hard to handle, but I think it’d be worth it! You’ve got to struggle and fight for something you love right?

I just think that curly hair just suits my personality more than straight hair. Maybe I just need a change in my life.

I’m thinking of getting a perm to get curly hair. I’m going to do it.