1. He is musically inclined.

My ideal guy would be musically inclined. Show me a guy that can sing and play the instrument well and I will be his right then and there. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy that can sing to a girl?

2. He Can Cook

My ideal guy would be a good cook. One way to my heart is through my stomach. If a guy can cook me good food then I’m one step closer to falling in love with him.

3.  He Has A Good Heart

Seriously, if a guy has a good heart makes him so much more attractive to me. I’d like to think I have a good heart too, and I can’t stand it when guys are just jerks to other people. I want a guy that will give me his jacket when I’m cold, is willing to help me babysit my family’s little ones, and would help an old lady cross the street.

4. He Loves Me

I don’t think I need to explain this one.


Is it too hard to ask for a guy with all these qualities? I’m not asking for a god, or for a guy to be super hot and popular and all those other cliches. I just want a good guy who can cook and sing for me. I really hope that’s not asking for too much.

So my ideal guy, if you’re out there somewhere, come find me.