1. Stormy Days and Sunny Days

I know everyone can relate to sunny days making them feel happy. It’s like, when the sun is shining you kind of imitate the weather, and so you become sort of a sunshine when the sun is out. But when its stormy, I get happy too. It kind of reassures me. It’s as if the weather is letting me know that things won’t always be just bright and dandy; things can get chaotic too, with the wind blowing everywhere and the clouds hovering over warning everyone that a storm is here. But despite that there is a storm, the day will come that the sun will shine again, we just have to be patient. It’s that thought about a storm that makes me happy.

2. Random Texts

Whether it be a simple “Hello” or a whole paragraph, a text will always make me smile. It tells me that for some apparent reason I am important enough in your life that you thought of me during your day.

3. My Dogs

I have two dogs, a small chihuahua and an over-sized miniature poodle (it’s mixed with a different breed of dog I just don’t know what). Every time I walk through my front door, whether it be from being gone all day or from being in our front yard for fifteen minutes, they always great me like I have been gone for too long and are ecstatic to have me back home. Sometimes, I’ll walk into the living room and the miniature poodle (or sometimes the chihuahua too) will look up at me and start wagging his tail, as if I was all he needed in the world. Besides that they’re both really cute and fun to play with. Maybe this is why they’re called man’s best friend?

4. My Family and Friends

They hold a special place in my heart and that will never change. Do I really need a further explanation for this?

5. Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I don’t think I could live without ice cream. It’s impossible. I’m not addicted or anything. I just like eating it whether I’m happy, or sad, or mad, or bored. It’s always a good time for ice cream. It fills this empty void in my life. Okay. Maybe it fills my empty stomach, but it’s almost the same thing, right?


These are just five things in life that makes me happy.

It’s the little things in life that make me really happy, and I never want to forget that.


*This list does not depict the importance of each thing in my life. The order of this list is random.*