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So its summer time and, seeing that I don’t go to summer school or have a job, I have a lot of free time. Before summer started I was hoping that I could do fun, productive things like go to the beach with friends, learn how to drive, maybe even exercise. Unfortunately, none of those have happened very often. I’ve probably gone to the beach twice, gone out driving once, and let’s not even talk about how little I have worked out (instead I’ve been eating).

So what have I been doing all summer with my free time?  I’ve watched movies. That’s it. Just been on my bed watching movies.

I know. It seems like such a waste of time considering its summer and I could be doing so much more with my free time. But I have actually learned a lot by watching movies. Many people seem to think that sitting down and watching movies are a great waste of time, but as I have learned this summer, movies and even TV shows teach great life lessons.

For example, from the movies Backwards and Pitch Perfect I learned that what makes you happy may be something you never expected and completely be different from what you always thought you wanted. From 13 Going on 30 I learned that we have to savor our youth and not take any short cuts because if we do we may lose who we are and grow up into someone we don’t want to be with a life we don’t want to have. From Easy A I learned that perpetuating lies to increase your popularity will backfire and you will lose friends on the way. From The Blind Side I learned that someone can truly care about some as if they are family even though they aren’t. From movies like The Avengers and Man of Steel I learned that New York may be beautiful, but it will almost always be destroyed in an apocalyptic way. From Resident Evil: Extinction I learned to always keep moving because staying in one place for too long attracts zombies (although The Walking Dead doesn’t really abide by that idea). From Zombieland I learned a whole bunch of rules to successfully survive a zombie apocalypse (I mean Jesse Eisenberg  managed to survive all by himself and he doesn’t really look like the average bad ass that you see in most zombie movies; in fact he seemed like a wimp in the movie, yet he managed to survive because he followed his own rules) and that traveling with people is risky but worth it.

These aren’t even everything I learned from movies. Maybe the last few things listed don’t really apply to our lives right now, but they are good for future knowledge.

The most recurring topic movies always taught me about was love. Love was a theme in almost almost everything I watched. At first I thought it was because of the genre’s I watched, but when I switched genre’s the theme of love was there again! It may not have been the main theme but it was still there! In almost all movies, someone either had to fall in love, realize they had been in love with someone, or realized they never fell out of love with the person in the first place. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the fact that some form of love is always in movies but they have different endings every time! Love doesn’t always win, and it sucks.

I know, love is unpredictable and one movie can’t capture everything about love. But all these different endings to the love stories has confused so much! I mean, in one movie love conquers all and the couple you have been rooting for the entire movie end up together and live happily ever after. In another movie you watch the two people go through hell and back together, and in the process fall in love with each other only to have one die and the other have to live with a broken heart. Then there’s the one where the main character of the story has had a significant other for such a long time and out of nowhere their old high school sweetheart comes into the picture and turns their entire life upside-down. Then in yet again a different movie you have these two people that are so obviously meant for each other and they don’t end up together because they love each other and decided to let each other go find other love. (What is that? Who does that? Seriously? I always thought that if two people loved each other they would stay together. But apparently love doesn’t always work that way.)

Yes, I get it. They are just movies and to keep the public coming back for more the movie industry has to keep creating new stories, but all these different endings and possibilities are killing me.

I have never been in love, so I can’t say I know how it feels to be in love or how love works, but according to movies, love is unpredictable. When you’re in love you can experience the best moments in your life, but it can also put you through the worst moments. Love can hit you when you least expect it, and it has the worst timing. Love knows no bounds; it doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, or married, when love comes around there is no stopping it. Love is magical; there is nothing like it in the world.

People are scared of it, but its sensible to fear love, because when you love, when you really love, you metaphorically start walking on this tightrope suspended up in the heavens. As long as you’re on this tightrope everything is fine. There might be some shaky moments, some heavy winds while you’re there, but you keep going because you have never felt anything as amazing as what you’re feeling right then and there, and that makes it all worth it, that is until you have to fall. You don’t walk into love. You don’t run into love. You might trip and stumble here and there but that’s not how you get to love either. You fall. That’s why they call it falling in love, because you have to fall in order to love. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is you don”t even realize you’re falling until it’s already happened, and by the time you do realize it, it’s too late; unless you can fly, there is no stopping it. So think about it, you’re walking on this tight rope way up in the sky where, although there maybe some scary times, all is good, and then you realize that while walking on this tightrope you have somehow slipped and fallen. You look down and there is nothing there, except that one person you’ve fallen for. This is the scariest part of falling in love because now all you can do while you’re falling is hope and wish that the person down there is going to catch you. You see, when you fall in love you’re leaving yourself unprotected; there is no safety net when you’re falling in love, only the person you fell for.

Now you can do one of two things once you have fallen, you can either keep this to yourself or you can tell the person.

If you don’t tell the person, you’ll just continue to fall, just watching the person you’ve fallen in love with never getting closer to you, never knowing whether or not he or she would catch you if he or she knew you were falling. This all sounds bleak, but there is a sense of safety in this. It’s as if you’re kind of floating in limbo I guess; you don’t know whether or not they feel the same way about you as you do them, but you get to continue to spend time with this person, maybe not as a couple, but its better than feeling rejected and losing this friendship that you have built together. The thing is though, eventually the feelings always come out, whether it be during a drunken night together or a few days (maybe even the day of) his/her wedding. No one can keep feelings as intense as true love to themselves forever.

Once you do tell them, once again one of two things can happen: the person will either catch you while you’re falling (return those feelings of love), or they won’t. If a person loves you back, its great. This person saw you falling and they caught you. It’s amazing that they did. You guys will be happy together for a while, maybe even forever. You guys could decide to get married and start a wonderful family together, or you could decide to stay together without being married, either way is fine as along as you two are happy. This scenario is what everyone wants, that happy life together with someone they love who loves them back unconditionally. The sad part is, not everyone gets to experience that. People don’t always love back the people who love them, and you can’t always blame the person. Things can’t always turn out the way you want them to. Its part of life. Even if two people fall in love with each other, it doesn’t always mean happy endings. It may mean happy beginnings, but love doesn’t always end happily. Break ups happen, it can’t be helped. So when this person doesn’t, or maybe can’t, love you back as much as you love them for as long as you have you kind of just fall to the ground from your tightrope, and it hurts. Its not like falling into the arms of the person you love. There is no warm feeling that comes with it. Instead its cold, and it hurts. But you know what they say, you can’t help who you fall in love with, and there is plenty of fish in the sea. What they say, it’s all true, it makes sense, but it doesn’t help. It really doesn’t. Because out of all the fish in the sea, you fell in love with this one, the wrong one, and it sucks. A lot of people go through some sort of depression, whether it be a few days or a few months. On the bright side though, things almost always gets better. You kind of get to this point after a while where you’re brave enough to go out there again, where you’re willing to take that risk and walk on the tightrope again.

That’s the weird thing with love, you never know what it has in store for you, and as human beings we have this fear of the unknown; its what makes love so frightening. But with this unknown, there is a chance to be happy, to have the adventure of a life time. That’s why even though it can lead to getting hurt, people still fall in love everyday, because having a chance at pure bliss makes it all worth it, well according to movies anyway.