I’ve always wanted to be one of those amazing grandmothers, or awesome aunts. You know what I’m talking about right? Like, those grandmothers and aunts that the kids always go to with things they are going through that they’re too scared of to talk to their parents about, you know? I’ve always wanted to be one of those cool aunts that the kids want to grow up being like, the one that travels and has an awesome tattoo. I’d be an example for the kids, be able to tell them what I went through, what to look forward to, what to avoid.

I think someday I would be a great aunt. I’m understanding, caring, and I’m relaxed, at least I think I’m all of these things. But I’m a little young to be an aunt, well to be a good one anyway. I’m only twenty. I don’t think I’ve really experienced enough of life to be able to fully understand and share things to younger kids. I think in order to be a good aunt, I have to figure out my life first, because how am I supposed to help people grow up and figure out their lives when I haven’t done that with my own?

I know, I’m still young, but I look forward to being able to be a good aunt someday.